Learn C Programming

(For Beginners) – recommended for students about to take engineering, computer and IT courses.

This course will help you understand, learn and implement the programming concepts and fundamentals, formulate and design the solutions for solving problems.

  • Understand computer logic
  • Learn and Implement programming concepts and fundamentals
  • Formulate solutions for problems
  • Learn to CODE!

3 reasons why you should learn to code:

  • Coding develops structured and creative thinking – You start thinking logically and thus this gives rise to more creative solutions you’ve ever given.
  • Programming makes things easier for you – With programming skills, you can create your own tools and make your life simple.
  • Learning to program teaches you persistence – You learn to become patient because you know there is always a solution.

Starts 29th July
Come in groups of three and get a discount on the fees!

Registrations OPEN!

For enquiries, call us at 338171 / 17567686 / 17637374 or write to us at learnzonebhutan@gmail.com.

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