Core training programs:

  1. Data Management using CSPro
  2. Statistical Analysis Using SPSS
  3. Entrepreneurship Development
  4. Accountancy & Finance Management
  5. Procurement & Inventory Management
  6. Performance Management
  7. Effective Project Management
  8. Presentation Skills
  9. Human Resource Management
  10. Effective Office Management
  11. Effective Communication Skills
  12. Customer Service Management

Specialized training courses:

We will conduct the courses specific to organizations based on their needs.

  1. BCSE Preliminary Examination Course
  2. RCSC preparatory course
  3. Basic and Advanced Adobe Photoshop
  4. Introduction to GIS
  5. Core Java Programming course
  6. Basic C Programming course
  7. Digital Literacy
  8. MS Office Workspace (Excel and PowerPoint)
  9. Art (Traditional & Modern)
  10. Reading and Grammar development courses

Customized Management Training

We organize customized management trainings. We will work to identify the needs and develop strategic training plans and modules. The intent of our custom training is to provide both the information through our expertise and additionally the tools for ongoing implementation.


Tutorial programs for school and college children.

TOEFL, SAT, IELTS examination preparation.