About Us

We provide training in management and entrepreneurship courses, soft skills and analytical skills development and enhancement in line with supporting the RGoB’s 11th Five Year Plan in realizing self reliance with socio economic development. Our trainings would also contribute towards the Economic Development Policy 2010 and FDI Policy 2010 which aim at diversification of the economy and fostering a vibrant private sector. We hope to contribute to the development of the career paths of our young people as well as their employability in the job market.

Our Vision : To aspire to become a leading training institute in Bhutan. Our company slogan “Give Quality Training” is our hallmark commitment to all our learners and partners

Our Mission: To make available high quality training programs with a team of highly experienced and qualified trainers.

Our Objectives:

  1. Provide quality training using innovative approaches and compelling content.
  2. Make learners capable and efficient for a lifelong promising future
  3. Make learners employable with appropriate skills training and support
  4. Provide the market with attractive, high quality training programs that contribute to bulding a stronger workforce and employment opportunities
  5. Deliver professional workshops, courses or programs by highly skilled facilitators/trainers who challenge learners and help them relate to new ideas, skills and approaches to their own environment
  6. Support the transfer and application of new knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors when individuals return to their work place.